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These are original poems sent from around the world.


My dad loves football
He even plays it in his dreams.
Mum doesn't mind,
But when the whistle blows she screams.

by Liam

Dad stomped in, all grumpy and sore,
He stamped his feet and slammed the door.
He growled and grimaced and threw down his coat,
And made funny noises down his throat.
Then mum said kindly, 'Don't worry dear...'
'United might still win a game this year.'

by Rachel Appleton

We gather
Beneath the leaking corrugated roof
The rain dripping
Caught in the flickering floodlights
Waiting patiently
The lost remnants of a crowd
A murmur erupts
As the teams plod wearily
Kick about dispassionately
Waiting reluctantly
For the whistles starting shrill
The game
Moves like the tide
With slow relentless ebb and flow
Mid week
Mid season
Mid table
Nothing left to win or lose
The final whistle
Nil Nil
To quiet applause
Wet and weary
The teams depart
Small boys chase their heroes
Across the sodden mire
And dream, one day
Of Premiership glory.

by Washuu Masaki

Football Fever

The World Cup final's here
The crowd assembled cheer
The anthems play
On this fine day
Supporters filled with fear.

The whistle starts the game
The team so full of fame
Sven's fingers are crossed
He thinks we've lost
Each player much the same.

The final minutes run
The pitch alight with sun
It's still nil-nil
But score we will
Before the end has come.

The ball is up their end
So Beckham kicks a bend
Cole heads it in
Bangs heads with Finn
And celebrates their win!

Mariel James and Rachael Shelley

The sun is out lets have some fun
And follow the Reds up the M1
Someone pinch me I think I'm in heaven
Sheffield Wednesday 1 Forest 7

Jonathon Williams

I saw into the future,
I didnt like what i saw,
the game full of putrid,
It really was an eyesore.

New technology brought in,
It didnt stop the crowd,
from making a terrible din,
players quit they were so loud.

Jumpers for goalsposts,
that was a thing of the past,
new technology meant,
we now had virtual goals.

I saw into the future,
i didnt like what i saw,
the game full of putrid,
it really was an eyesore.

Neil E.

The 'brickie' 'round our house
Eats football,
Sleeps football,
Drinks coca cola.

James De-Merist and Bradley Watson

A cheeky one from Wendy Barbe of Milton Keynes!

I don't like football very much
But sometimes it is fun
Like when the goalie slips in mud
And ends up on his b*m!

Or when the striker runs too fast
And falls over the ball
And ends up head to toe in mud
(I shouldn't laugh at all)

And then there's times when all the crowd
Is silent, and in awe
And some poor player kicks it wide.
It's then I shout out "More".

I love it when it all goes wrong
Players falling, slipping, sliding
Or when a tackle gets too rough
And someone gets a hiding.

So no, I'm no supporter
I don't follow any team
But somehow I keep watching
Things aren't always what they seem.

Eleven men all running round
After a little ball
I don't profess to comprehend
Don't understand at all.

How fans can get so heated
So excited, so insane.
To call this kicking of a ball
The world's "Beautiful game".


It's such a silly poem Neil
Ignore it if you will
I just wanted to prove to you
I could make it rhyme and still
Make it make sense so's up to you
If you wish to publish same
But I'd hate to upset anyone
Who loved this silly game!!!!

"It's on every night" my wife screams
Can't she see that fulfils my dreams?
It isn't only men with a ball
But a challenging game where they give their all

The argument she can only inflame
By telling me "It's only a game!"
Any game and any league
Fills me with awe and intrigue

My wife and kids I truly love
But when push comes to shove
There really is no challenge at all
The love of my life is Football!

Jim Boyle

The Game

Roar roar the stadium grows loud
More and more screaming comes from the crowd
As the whistle starts the play
What they were going to do no one could say
As the quarterback hikes the ball
He threw up the best fake of them all
As he hands it to the tailback
The runner spots a hole between the receiver and D back
As he makes a mad dash for it
He sees that there is no time left and says this is it
He's running down the sidelines and spins off a defender
He keeps going for the touchdown with splendor
They did it they won the game
The other teams coach said what a shame
And that's how the Trojans won the game.

James Newton

Football, Football, Football
What a funny word!
Football Football Football
Isn't it absurd!
Football Football Football
Everyone follows the herd
Football Football Football
Or else they'd be disturbed!
But I'm not that ordinary
And won't follow the herd
I like who i like
And that's not absurd!
So are you a sheep or are you a goose
Or are you just the same?
My team are very special,
They win every game!

By Becky Crow

A Football Match Leicester V Villa

Saturdays here I'm full of fear,
The whistles about to blow,
Leicester's playing there genna win,
The tensions beginning to grow,
There playing Villa they just can't lose,
Micky's got a team to choose,
Dickov's injured the crowed go mad,
Deano's starting that could be bad,
10 minutes gone a cross comes in,
Deano's there he heads it in!
Leicester City begin there win,
But 20 later a dive from Angel,
Villa penalty,
Could it break Leicester's shell,
Walkers there standing big and tall,
He dives to his left he is no fool,
He tips the ball around the post,
Leicester cheer,
Half time comes, the Villa fans jeer,
The second half starts with lightning pace,
You'd think that they were in a race,
A punt upfield goes to Marcus Bent,
Who chips a shot from 30 yards,
Surely it wasn't meant,
So then again the ball goes in,
The crowed in raptures they surely must win!
10 minutes to go,
Leicester's football is a flow,
A header in the box O No,
But Walker makes an incredible save,
Sven Goran Eriksson's in a rave,
While the crowd does the Wave
The whistle blows, the games does end,
To the dismay of the travelling Holt End,
Leicester won,
It looked so much fun,
And Walker started for England.

By Ryan Pardo

Milton the Champions

Milton won the game
we put Cammack to shame
Milton sliced their throats
while the reporter made his note
Milton won forty to six
Commack gor our best licks

By Dru Smith

Football Fever

The free-kick man
The frightened Goalkeeper
Both breathless
In a moment of restless
Fans awaiting
For the stars to deliver

Here! All eyes on the star to deliver
There! All eyes on the goalie to deny
Hearts beating
Eyes watching


One bursts into tears
The other in cheers
Sounds of joys
Murmuring of Cries
Fulls the whole environment

Football is a passion
That Burns the Whole body

by Ahmed Waheed Sarmed

This is the latest offering - from Khadim Hussain

Greatest Footballer

I am the greatest footballer in the world,
Six foot two and with film star looks,
I am the best footballer,
There will never be another like me.

I am two footed,
I've scored hat tricks
With the right and the left,
I am the best footballer,
There will never be another like me.

I've done it all
Goals scored in the premiership,
F.A., European and the world cup.
I am the best footballer,
There will never be another like me.

I've outplayed all the legends
Stanley Mathews, Nobby Stiles, Pele,
Best and Maradona.
I am the best footballer,
There will never be another like me.

Even today I can still outplay
Thierry Henry, Ranoldo, Beckham and Owens
Even though I am hundred and two.
I am the best footballer,
There will never be another like me.

Khadim lives in Middlesbrough, England U.K.

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